creative works:

somnia this was my band for 6 years. pop/punk/rock. I was the principal songwriter, along with a gentleman by the name of michael heeley.
the tired this is my solo rock project. 12 songs written but not yet recorded. album coming soon?
bawarchi king in the late 90's I made a techno/electro/hip hop album under the alias 'Bawarchi King'
in 2010 I made another Bawarchi King album, this time a hip hop opera
sashdish a blog I started (and ended) in 2006. A t-shirt a day keeps the boredom away. i was co-owner and creative partner in a small screenprinting company.
wessonpopp my friend Gabe Wesson occasionally write fiction and post it here.
novels/short stories in november 2010 I participated National Novel Writing Month (write an original, 50K word novel in 30 days).  I completed the story, entitled "Firebug", and I am currently (and very poorly) editing it.  when it is finished, I will make it available on this website.
graphic design see items from my portfolio here (coming soon)
original art studies for future paintings/drawings (coming soon)
fonts i've made a couple fonts over the years; both of them are based off of handwriting, and both are free to all humankind. one is a replica of my handwriting (AMPsetlist.ttf) and the other is a replica of John Davis' handwriting (HeadTrip.ttf). for those that don't know, John Davis is the lead singer of Superdrag.