I am aaron matthew isaac popp.
I am a human male born on 29th july 1976 in saint louis, missouri, united states, planet earth.

I attended mcnair elementary school, followed by hazelwood west high school.
I then attended truman state university on a four-year program; I enjoyed myself so much, I stayed for a fifth year.
At university, I majored in spanish and minored in english.
Upon graduation, I got a nine-to-five desk job (during the day), became the lead singer of a rock and roll band (at night), and promptly forgot how to speak spanish.
The band became a personal if not commercial success.  The desk job never went away.
I currently live in the saint louis area and I am employed by a major medical publishing company.

creative outlets:
I am a naturally creative person.  I try to utilize any and all creative outlets available to me:
I have played bass guitar since 1997 (self-taught, no formal instruction); I sing and I am a songwriter; I enjoy writing short stories and am slowly working on my first novel (a fantasy/sci-fi story set in modern times); I am a graphic designer who dabbles in web design; I am a co-owner and partner of a small t-shirt printing company; I have a borderline obsession with fonts and typography.
For further information on any of these, please click the creative works link.